Church Rich In History

There are many churches around the world and it has various denominations. In the religion of Christianity, there are already many branches that have sprung around the world. It is easy for many to become pastors and set up their own churches. But the CSI Church In Amaravilla is one of those who had a long and meaningful history. The long list of the people who had been to the church and all those who hade become its leaders witnessed its growth. From the year 1810 when the church was established until this present day, it is still standing.

In the original place where the church building was built, you can find it there. It has expanded in its size to include some other useful parts and renovations had been done like the bell tower renovation. This church has become the largest in Kerala from its size of a small congregation back when it was established. Now not just the building who has improved and widened but also the members. Three services are being conducted which uses Malayam in two services and English in one of the services.

Now, presently it also has now a shopping center, and a kindergarten school until the grade of Plus Two. There is also a community hall. The church to enhance the faith of its members and encourage active participation is conducting a convention annually. Large numbers of people come to attend especially from Tamil Nadu and in Kerala in the southern region.